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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Conditions

This site, which publishes real estate launches in Rio de Janeiro, established this policy in order to respect your privacy and reserve the right to secrecy of identity of each user.

1. Conditions

The present Privacy and Data Security Policy on this page contains guidelines and information on how the information captured through its website will be treated and protected, and will be governed by the following conditions:

1.1. All people who somehow access this page, customers or not, are classified as "users".
1.2. Individual identification is understood as all information that is not available to the general public, and that, if disclosed, could cause some type of moral embarrassment, damage or harm to the person himself. Examples of personally identifiable data are contact data and residency data.
1.3. Encryption is the name given to the process of encoding information, in which such information is encoded (scrambled) at the source and decoded at the destination, thus making it difficult for the information that travels on the internet to be deciphered.
1.4. Cookie is a text file sent by the server of this site to the Internet user's computer, with the purpose of identifying the computer, personalizing the Internet user's access and obtaining access data, such as pages browsed or links clicked. A cookie is assigned individually to each computer, it cannot be used to run programs or infect computers with viruses, and it can only be read by the server that sent it.

2. Obligations

The administrator of this website undertakes to:

2.1. Collect on its website only the information on individual identification necessary for the viability of its business and the provision of products and/or services requested by its customers;
2.2. Use cookies only to control the audience and navigation on your website;
2.3. Strictly comply with all provisions of this Privacy and Data Security Policy.

3. Use of Information

The information captured through this page will be used for the purpose of:

3.1. Enable the provision of information about products or services requested on the website;
3.2. Identify the profile, desires or needs of users in order to improve the products and/or services offered by the company;
3.3. Send information about products or services that interest its users through SMS messages and/or email marketing.

4. Disclosure of Data

The administrator of this website does not provide data on the individual identification of users to third parties.

5.  The User is fully responsible for:

5.1. Take care of your individual digital identification data whenever you access the Internet, informing them only in operations where data protection exists;
5.2. Provide truthful information;
5.3. Strictly comply with all determinations and procedures set forth in this Policy.

6. Change in Policy

The administrator of this site may change this privacy and data use policy at any time, and any changes to this Privacy and Data Security Policy will be published in this space.

7. Contact Removal

This site is committed to respecting your privacy and is against spam. If you no longer wish to receive information, send your full name, e-mail and CPF to:

Política de Privacidade: Peça um orçamento

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